NYSMC 1951 Postcard

Greetings from Oneonta … and the New York State Music Camp!

Welcome back to NYSMC!

This site celebrates the wonderful summer music camp that made such an extraordinary difference in all our lives.

We also pay tribute here to Dr. Frederic Fay Swift, founder of the New York State Music Camp.

Endorsed by the legendary Dr. Robert Swift (aka “Dr. Bob”) and the equally legendary Reverend Deborah Swift (aka “Deb”), this site is maintained by former NYSMC camper Keisuke Hoashi.

"Dr. Bob" (Robert Swift) and Keisuke Hoashi in Slade Auditorium, July 2004

“Dr. Bob” (Robert Swift) and Keisuke Hoashi in Slade Auditorium, July 2004

A Quick NYSMC History

Dr. Frederic Fay Swift founded the New York State Music Camp in 1947. 64 campers and a dozen faculty attended that first summer at Otter Lake, NY.

Ten years later, enrollment jumped to nearly 200 attendees, creating eight weeks of beautiful music … and overwhelming the septic tank at the Otter Lake Hotel.

Thus, in 1956, the camp moved to Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, where Dr. Swift was a professor of music.

In 1984, at the age of 77, Dr. Swift sold NYSMC to the college. He passed away five years later, on September 25, 1989.

Hartwick College ran the camp for the next 27 years. They renamed it the Hartwick College Summer Music Festival & Institute in 1994. In 2009, the college closed the camp temporarily, and reopened in 2010 with a shortened name (Hartwick College Summer Music Festival).

In 2012, Hartwick officially closed the camp, ending NYSMC’s 66-year run as one of the oldest music camps in the country.

For a full history, please visit our old NYSMC site.

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